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Learn to Boxing Fitness
If you want to learn how to boxing fitness, you came to the right place. Below are easy steps that will help you understand the process as well as have a general idea about the topic. But before starting with the steps, you need to know the basic concepts about boxing fitness. Boxing Fitness is a martial art and a combat sport in which two people, male or female, generally of similar weight, fight each other with their fists. Boxing Fitness is supervised by a referee and is typically engaged in during a series of one- to three-minute intervals called rounds. There are three ways to win. Victory is achieved if the opponent is knocked out and unable to get up before the referee counts to ten seconds (a Knockout, or KO) or if the opponent is deemed too injured to continue (a Technical Knockout, or TKO). If there is no stoppage of the fight before an agreed number of rounds, a winner is determined either by the referee's decision or by judges' scorecards.

  1. This step will share secrets for developing a boxing fitness fitness plan that'll fit your needs. So take a notebook or take a piece of paper and split it into 5 different sections. In each section, you'll fill in a boxing fitness exercise that you'll need and enjoy and will help you reach your fitness goals. Take these 5 exercises and put them together in an explosive 30 minute routine. In box number 1, put down stretches. Stretch your triceps, legs, back, and shoulders.
  2. Warm-up
    Warm-up is the most important step and helps to bloodflow and preventing injury. You may need to know that warm-ups have also been proven in various studies to increase strength? In box number 2, put down warm-up. Choose from the following:
    1) Hitting a speed bag for 3-5 minutes
    2) 25 jumping jacks
    3) Pushups - 3 sets of 20
  3. Need to strength?
    A boxing fitness for fitness strength means that you will want to incorporate boxing fitness weightlifting exercises into your routine. For example: Do 5 sets of 5 squats, deadlifts, and lunges. These exercises will work your entire-body and most importantly, your core strength. Need max results? do a tri-set. So 1 set is 5 squats, 5 deadlifts, and 5 lunges done back-to-back. You will also need to do hindu pushups. If you're not into weightlifting or gaining massive size. In box number 3, put down boxing fitness weightlifting or hindu pushups. Now note that even if you can bench 400-pounds, you'll find hindu pushups a challenge.
  4. Need endurance?
    If you think of ultimate endurance, that mean you'll want to incorporate your choice of the following routines in box number 4:
    1) Wind sprints - 6 to 20 sets of 50 to 100 yards
    2) Max incline sprints on a treadmill - great for leg endurance and strength
    3) Jump-rope fitness - 3 explosive sets of 1 minute each
  5. Now total body fitness
    Boxing Fitness is just insanely awesome because it works out your whole-body. In box number 5 put down your choice of these ultimate whole-body fitness boxing fitness exercises:
    1) Burpees - 3 sets of 20
    2) Shadow boxing fitness *highly recommended* - 3 sets for 3 minutes each
    3) Heavy bag training (if you have one) - 3 sets for 3 minutes each
    Let's move to shadow boxing fitness and heavy bag training, move your legs a lot. Bouce around on your feet and "dance" - like Muhammad Ali. Utilise jabs, uppercuts and more hooks. Get explosive - throw jabs for 10 seconds. Stop. Bounce around on your feet for 20 seconds. Throw some hooks again. Bounce around, uppercut, bounce around, duck. This way will let you incorporate the all-mighty interval training into your workout.
    Now you feel a bit tired, between each box of exercises, take a 1 minute break. Drink water and just relax. Do exactly what boxers do after a round - sit and rest. Boxing Fitness fitness with this plan will take your fitness levels to the stratosphere. You will notice important results in your own training after doing this for 2 weeks when.
    Total time: 25 - 35 minutes. Get as explosive as you can with these boxing fitness workouts to get results in lightening fast time.
Practice makes perfect, don't hesistate to practice to achieve the desired goal. Try to combine the steps above with the video below in order to obtain the most information about how to boxing fitness.

How to Boxing Fitness Video
Below is also a video to help you learn how to Boxing Fitness.