Boxing  Easy Steps

Boxing Fitness is a martial art and a combat sport in which two people, male or female, generally of similar weight, fight each other with their fists. Boxing Fitness is supervised by a referee and is typically engaged in during a series of one- to three-minute intervals called rounds. There are three ways to win.

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Breakdance  Easy Steps

Break Dancing can be defined as "individual dancing that consists of nimble, acrobatic moves performed while standing, or, while certain body parts are touching the ground.

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Hang Glide

Hang Glide  Easy Steps

Hang gliding is an air sport in which a pilot flies a light and unmotorized foot-launchable aircraft called a hang glider (also known as Delta plane or Deltaplane). Most modern hang gliders are made of an aluminium alloy or composite-framed fabric wing.

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Hunt Deer

Hunt Deer  Easy Steps

Deer hunting is the activity or sport of pursuing deer which began as early as 7,000 BC. There are numerous types of deer throughout the world that are hunted. The best deer hunting tips are the ones that you figure out for yourself and can offer to others. After all, few things feel better than finding the way that works for you. Of course, until you reach that point.

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Ice Skate

Ice Skate  Easy Steps

Ice skating is moving on ice by using ice skates. It can be done for a variety of reasons, including leisure, travelling, and various sports. Ice skating occurs both on specially prepared indoor and outdoor tracks, as well as on naturally occurring bodies of frozen water such as lakes and rivers. skates are boots with blades attached to the bottom, used to propel oneself across a sheet of ice.

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Inline Skate

Inline Skate  Easy Steps

Inline skates (often called Rollerblades after the popular trade name) are a type of roller skate used for inline skating. Unlike quad skates, which have two front and two rear wheels, inline skates have two, three, four or five wheels arranged in a single line. Some inline skates, especially those for recreation, have a "stop" or "brake" which is used to slow down while skating;

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Jamskate  Easy Steps

Jam skating (or Jamskating) is a combination of dance, gymnastics, and skating, performed on roller skates. The style of skating has its roots in traditional roller disco, but has been influenced by breakdancing, artistic skating, gymnastics, and modern dance. Successful jamskaters are well practiced in these different forms and must have the ability to translate these movements while on skates. Jamskating is neither aggressive nor speed skating.

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Jitterbug  Easy Steps

Jitterbug can be used as a noun to refer to a swing dancer or various types of swing dances, for example, the Lindy Hop, Jive, and East Coast Swing. This has led to confusion within the dance community, since jitterbug can refer to different kinds of swing dances. It can also be used as a verb to mean someone dancing to swing music.

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Juggle  Easy Steps

Juggling is a skill involving moving objects for entertainment or sport (see object manipulation). The most recognizable form of juggling is toss juggling, in which the juggler throws objects up to catch and toss up again. Jugglers often refer to the objects they juggle as props. The most common props are balls or beanbags, rings, clubs, and special bounce balls.

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Jump  Easy Steps

A jumper may be either stationary or moving when initiating a jump. In a jump from stationary (i.e., a standing jump), all of the work required to accelerate the body through launch is done in a single movement. In a moving jump or running jump, the jumper introduces additional vertical velocity at launch while conserving as much horizontal momentum as possible.

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Jump Higher

Jump Higher  Easy Steps

Jumping or leaping is a form of locomotion or movement in which an organism or non-living (e.g., robotic) mechanical system propels itself through the air along a ballistic trajectory. Jumping can be distinguished from running

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Jump Rope

Jump Rope  Easy Steps

A skipping rope (British English) or jump rope (American English) is the primary tool used in the game of skipping played by children and many young adults, where one or more participants jump over a rope swung so that it passes under their feet and over their heads.

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