How to Visualize Easy steps

Learn to Visualize
If you want to learn how to visualize, you came to the right place. Below are easy steps that will help you understand the process as well as have a general idea about the topic. But before starting with the steps, you need to know the basic concepts about visualize. Visualization is the most important aspect of success! We believe if you can visualize what you are trying to accomplish, you will succeed. We believe in and practice visualization to insure our victories.

  1. Physically
    Make your body as relaxed as possible. Scan your body mentally, relaxing each muscle as you go along. If your muscles are tight (and they often are, without us even knowing it), then they are taking away energy (not the metaphysical type, just plain old energy we get from food) that we could be using for mental work.
  2. Get into a comfortable posture, where you can close your eyes and breath deeply and normally and then take a deep breath and exhale, closing your eyes, continue to breath in and out, giving yourself time to become used to this state
  3. Visualize that you are stepping into an elevator and look around yourself and take in the details of the elevator. What does it look like? Any designs or details that are interesting? On the elevator's panel, there are buttons for different floors. Now you are on the 10th floor. Push the button for the 1st floor and visualize how the doors closing
  4. Breath in and exhale twice for each floor that passes, and take your time, the elevator moves at your rate. Breath in and breath out let's call this operation (one and two)(breath in = one and breath out = two), the floor goes down to 9, feel yourself descending, (one and two) it's now going down to the 8th floor. Feel your arms relaxing. In and out... passing the 7th floor. Feel your legs relaxing, (one and two) passing the 6th floor. Feel your chest rise and fall, slowly and restfully, in and out, passing the 5th floor. Feel the restful weight spreading down into your waist, expanding with your breath... deflating and relaxing with your exhale
  5. One and two passing the 4th floor... feel your legs sag with the relaxing weight and warmth and (one and two) passing the 3rd floor, feel your feet and toes relax and the tension drifting away with the weight and warmth, (one and two) passing the 2nd floor, you're getting close to the bottom, your whole person is warm and relaxed, almost like being wrapped in a cloud
  6. One and two a soft ding and you are on the 1st floor. the doors slide open and in flows a thick fog that gathers like a cloud. You rest on it and it changes into a deep shade of red. See the red, like the rich redness of an apple, the ruby red of a cherry. One and two, rest on the cloud, it is taking you out of the elevator. One and two, the cloud is changing colors from red.. to a shade of orange, first like reddish orange copper, then lightening until the cloud is like a fluffy and bright orange, one and two, the cloud continues to drift along, the colors continue to lighten, orange giving way to yellow. Yellow like a colorful lemon, like the petals of a sunflower..
  7. One and two the cloud transitions to a bright shade of green, as if you were floating over a beautiful and healthy lawn, one and two the cloud darkens slightly, changing from green to a rich azure blue, like a sapphire or rich lapis. Your cloud is like a bed of blue ocean waves. Again, one and two, the cloud darkens until it is like the wool of a black sheep, the darkest black, like a starless night sky
  8. One and two, the cloud takes on deep purple hues, as if you have drifted into space, surrounded by a beautiful nebula... or perhaps you are in the heart of a great amythest crystal. The cloud gently lands, leaving you on a round platform. You've arrived. Spend as much time here as you need. This is your place to rest and enjoy the calm, to leave this meditative place, you can reverse the steps, returning to your awaken self.
  9. Now, describe your dreams
    Dreaming is the most natural and convincing form of visualization. Some people dream so powerfully that they confuse their dreams with reality, thinking they’ve gotten gas or fed the cat – only to later realize that the tank, or the dish, is empty. You may not dream at this level of intensity, but you can learn from your body’s natural visualization. When you wake up in the morning, recall a dream from the night. Close your eyes; relive it. Describe it out loud. Include the way you felt. These steps train your mind to picture imaginary events crisply and accurately, and then help you match images more precisely words and emotions. Enough practice will enable you to more easily create highly detailed visualizations of your own, as well as providing you with a catalog of scenes and emotions to draw from.
Practice makes perfect, don't hesistate to practice to achieve the desired goal. Try to combine the steps above with the video below in order to obtain the most information about how to visualize.

How to Visualize Video
Below is also a video to help you learn how to Visualize.

We hope the above steps and videovisualize have helped you in your quest to learn how to visualize. If you like this page you might also want to go to our main page and learn more about our Book of the Worlds.